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    Monday, March 14, 2011

    I was reading a few stories on facebook about how the Japanese people are dealing with the crisis and I am seriously touched by their generousity and helpfulness towards one another. Make me reflect upon this little country of mine, if we were to be place in the same ordeal, will we survive as strong as the Japanese did...

    [Read the stories here]


    This third I will put into the fire; I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on my name and I will answer them; I will say, ‘They are my people,’ and they will say, ‘The LORD is our God."" - Zechariah 13:9

    And the Japanese have shown that they have withstood the test. I have my utmost respect for the Japanese, and I'll continue to pray hard for them. That may they rebuild their lost and may this ordeal help them to grow even stronger!

    あきらめないで!滞在強し! (Do not give up! Stay Strong!)

    - Kaiser

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    Monday, November 29, 2010

    Oh today I'm having my HI exam at 5.30, 2nd attempt. and I've alrdy passed my M9 le. yay. but now left HI to go, and then power start 1 and 2. Yeah yeah.

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    Tuesday, November 02, 2010

    Around 14 hours ago I just passed my M9 exam at SCI, and boy oh boy am I glad that I've passed. So right now I am done with M5 and M9, left with HI. And I am really to go! Moving towards excellence eh.

    But oh well, there are still many courses to take in GE. I'll work hard, work smart for my future!

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    Sunday, October 31, 2010

    I'm gonna talk about what opportunities mean to me, my very very personal opinion, so what lies below might be offensive to some. You might not agree with me, but well, it's just my thoughts. So if you really can't accept it, take it lightly with a pinch of salt =).

    It just happen to stuck my mind that deep down within each and everyone of us, therein lies a pool of opportunities. We are so shaped by the world we live IN. So much that many of us (our parents, relatives, friends, society) are trapped in that perception that a good living life is to do what everyone is doing, get a "stable" income, and live life NORMALLY.

    old thinking: amount of time spent = effort = money.

    My parents used to tell me to study hard else when I grow up, I'll be a rubbish collector or road sweeper. I study "hard" many hours a day, for like many years, get a degree, find a stable job, earn a fix amount of salary. I am competent, people say I am smart and capable. I now have a stable income just like everyone else, I save up for my marriage, then for my house, then for my kids, till one day I grow old and got retrenched/retired, depend on my kids and go tour around the world.

    the above is what a typical ideal thinking of living life to the "fullest".

    Reality :

    My parents tell me to study hard for the sake of my future else I'll be a rubbish collector or road sweeper. And when I grow up I realise rubbish collectors and road sweepers earn an income too. I study "hard" many hours a day, for many years, most of the time I don't really LEARN what I am studying but just memorising hard for the sake of the exams and I finally got my degree. I found a stable job, a stable income just like everyone else. My friends started a business and are earning so much more, but well I am just being normal. I saved for my marriage, then for my house, half way through I got retrenched from my stable and I am looking for another "stable" job. I saved my money for my kids and their education, I taught them what my parents taught me. They grow up, I grow old. Now they don't want to stay with me, and refuse to provide for me. I am homeless, not to even mention about travelling the world at my age...

    The example here is of course exaggerated but it's to amplify my thoughts on this. I am NOT saying that studying is wrong and useless, knowledge is indeed useful. But our focus on "studying" is wrong, exams are used to test our knowledge, not memory.

    Ok, why is the topic on Opportunities yet I am now talking about our way of living? Have you ever wondered why out of so many people here in Singapore, only a small percentage are truly successful and rich? Because they dare to venture out from the box (I'd prefer to call it the sugar-coated cube).

    Our society & environment (mostly our parents) locks us up in a box, that is thought to be safe. We are now living in a way that locks up our creativity, our adventurous nature, our ability to utilise our brain. It's ironic that our world is so technologically advance yet our brains aren't. Suicide cases are raising sharply by the years, depression and everything else.. Why? Is it because our society is getting too stressful? I believe that it's stressful because our capabilities are still capped as the way it was many many years ago.

    Many times ideals, thoughts would surface up to your mind, for me many many business ideas, products, innovations. But we'd normally tend to push it back down. The fear of risk, the fear of failure, the fear of trying. In fact, "trying" itself is a backup to excuse ourselves from a fall-back.

    So those that truly successful are those that dared to harvest those thoughts, execute out those ideals, venture out into their creativity, innovate & create.

    I believe that God is a creative God, for He created so many stuffs, even to the smallest detail. And since we are CREATED in His image, we are suppose to be creative. And we are, just that we don't really realise it, and even if we do, we don't really like the idea of being creative. But our inner-being is to be creative! Thats why many have the struggle, the urge to be 'different'.

    Therefore I came to the conclusion of my thinking that in us lies a pool of opportunities. The opportunity to be great, to be successful, to be rich, to be useful.

    If Thomas Edison chose to be normal like people in his time, we wouldn't have stuffs like lightbulbs and electricity.

    Maybe I am in no position to say this because I am currently in debt and has achieve nothing yet. But I believe that you won't know until you try. And I am still waiting for the right wind to set my ship sailing...


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    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    Hello to all my avid fans of my blog..

    I don't know if theres any but maybe just 1? =x.

    Ok I'm gonna start a new series of posts on a few topics to set you thinking and talking.

    First for the day:

    What is, SUCCESS to you?

    Feel free to tag your views on the tagboard @ the left hand side of this page or you may send your views to

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    Friday, August 27, 2010



    I guess it probably because I am gonna be unemployed thats why I feel so lost.. haiyo.

    like so many things to be worrying..

    clubbing tonight - managed to.
    Genting - went and happy..
    Tattoo - no money and no design yet (HOW?!)
    4th year - Happy with Tinktink!~
    Job - need resume!? hais..
    Bi's bday - how?
    Computer - how?
    iloveORD Tees - how?!


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    Monday, June 01, 2009

    okok I admit I'm just lazy to blog, but dun worry I'll blog about it soon. As for now, the reason why I'm here blogging is because I'm really unhappy with the Singapore society. Like what I told Ai that day, I really wonder: "for whom are we defending this nation for.".

    Well, I booked out just now with my duffel bag, its super bulky. And I've decided to take the MRT home because I don't really see any other alternatives. And my journey from Joo koon to Punggol started. At Joo Koon, Jon & I wanted to take the lift cos of our bag but my oh my, it's crowded with those working people. Gosh! What has the world become? People carrying briefcases take the lift while those carrying big black heavy bulky duffel bag climb up the STAIRS!!? Joo Koon was really packed because of office hours, or should I say that everywhere is packed!! From Joo Koon already I had no place to sit, so I basically sit on my bag. And I alighted at Outram Park. To my disgust, the same thing happened again at the lift!!? People basically just rush into it and you know, occupy it. So I waited for the next one.

    Then the north east line. When I reach the train door area and wait. There was only 3 other people waiting. Then the train arrived and suddenly there was this whole group of people flooding infront of me. Like what the heck, they squeezed me to the back, and obviously blocking the door for other people that are exiting. I mean, whats up with waiting a few sec for those poeple to come out? It's really a shame that we have to be reminded of stupid basic courtesy stuffs like that ( the PCK thingy) and also standing by the left of the escalator.

    And as usual, no more seats. And what is so frustrating is those people also didnt move in all the way, so I had to 'park' my duffel bag at the metal pole in the middle. And people started to give me those stares like "hey, dun park that big bag there, hard to walk la". But HELLO?! do I have a freaking choice? Then at those subsequent stations, people are like "excuse me" and I'm like, how do I do it? The whole train is packed already what, so what they expect me to do? Float my bag?

    It's really sad that our society has turned into this kind of selfish and 'kiasu' place. seriously, we are not 'Kiasu' people need to change this mindset in order to STOP BEHAVING LIKE THAT!

    #When the train door opens, STAND BY THE SIDE and let people EXIT first la!
    #When you see someone in need of the elevator more than you do, STEP OUT of the lift la!
    #When you see there is a large no of people waiting for the train, and when it arrives, MOVE IN la!

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